Interface Designer


We are looking for an interface designer to fine tune our interfaces, but also dream about how the future of browsers will be. We are working on a top-secret new interface that needs the right eye to bring it to life.


You are an interface designer that values friction-less interactions interactions of beauty. To be qualified, please submit relevant portfolio of your work. This is not your first job and you have a point of view.


We are a very small global team who likes building. We are not venture backed, so we do not have to grow the business 100x to survive. This is not our first business and we have a point of view and the ability to openly discuss anything.

You & Us

Together we will launch simple but powerful products.

What else?

Submit your portfolio with relevant information you see fit. We are a remote team, so written communication is extremely important. Not the jargon-heavy kind of communication. Being able to simplify big ideas into simple and brief words is what we are looking for.

Sound like you?

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