Building Brand Trust: 3 Reasons You Need User Generated Content

Do you know what user generated content (UGC) can do for your brand? Aside from building brand trust, learn more about the benefits of UGC in this guide.

Authenticity is the biggest deciding factor for making online purchases. When posting online, it's hard to keep track of multiple channels, let alone keep real content coming in.

To fix this problem and maintain your authenticity online, you need user generated content. But what is it, and how does it benefit your brand? Read this brief guide to learn more.

What Is User Generated Content?

User generated content is made by users and shared by these same users. Instead of corporate packaged content, user content is more organic. It sets trends based on what consumers really want versus what they're sold.

The organic nature of this content allows its credibility questionable in "produced" content. When companies script content, it makes it harder for consumers to make purchase decisions informed by trust. Authenticity is largely the deciding factor for a purchase.

Any content counts as user generated, including social posts, images, videos, or blogs shared online or on social platforms. Good user generated content examples on Instagram include the 'story' of UPS Store supplies, the #AerieReal campaign, and more.

Pros and Cons of User Generated Content

To make the most of user generated content marketing, you need to understand its pros and cons. Fortunately, there are far more advantages than downsides. The pros you'll experience connect relate to memorability, credibility, and influence.

1. Memorability

With user content, you understand your audience better. You can target them better, increasing your brand's memorability. You'll see increase engagement and visibility across platforms, too.

2. Credibility

User generated content marketing allows you to satisfy and include stakeholders. You'll build authentic trust and credibility. Your perceived authenticity will increase, as your content appears less manufactured.

Your team's ability to focus on specific campaigns will increase. You'll also see a decrease in your marketing budget because you're simply creating less content on your own.

Using user generated content allows you to dedicate more time to in-house produced content. If anything, more of your time will focus on creating campaigns for engaging users.

3. Influence

Creating a responsive online community with direct engagement campaigns benefits your brand. It gives a voice to your audience, establishing opportunities for a digital community. You can reach more people than before, and find the best influencers for your brand.

The Cons

The only downside may be too much reliance on user content. Or, perhaps you anticipate users responding in a way, and they behave another. Either way, user content is as lucrative as you allow. Your next step is finding the right tool for managing this content.

Where to Manage User Generated and Social Media

The Social Board was designed to collect, organize, and simplify the design process for social media. With simplified display features, sharing your followers' user generated content is easier than ever. Branding your content is easier than ever, too.

With accessible drag and drop features and easy embed, your social media posts become less of a headache. Level up your influence with an instant flow of user content and social media. Sign up for your account today.

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